Hey high-achiever with a big heart...

When you spread yourself so thin that you don’t have any energy or love left for yourself, it’s impossible to show up as the best version of you. 


Imagine how much energy and brain power it would free up if your healthy habits became so natural and automatic that when you see donuts in the break room you genuinely don’t want one (even if you’ve struggled with a sweet tooth and rocky relationship with your body your whole life).


Imagine what a confidence boost you'd get if you learned how to  partner with your nervous system so that even your coworkers start commenting on how calmly you navigate really stressful situations at work (even if right now you’re suffering from imposter syndrome and constant anxiety).

Imagine how much more doable and enjoyable every day would feel if you woke up feeling well rested, excited for the day, and happy with who you saw when you looked in the mirror (even if right now caffeine is your lifeline and all you see are your imperfections when you see your reflection).

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or defeated because you want to be taking better care of yourself but it’s just not happening, don’t be so hard on yourself. There are a lot of reasons that’s totally understandable and it has nothing to do with a character flaw or not having enough willpower or discipline.

I bet there’s some aspect of your life (physically, mentally, or emotionally) that’s taking up a lot of energy right now.

The reason the change you want isn’t happening is likely because you’re stuck in survival mode (aka a trauma response).

A trauma response happens any time your body encounters more stress than it can process in the moment. Think about a typical day - are you releasing stress in proportion to the amount you're encountering?

The good news: Your body and brain’s one mission in life is to keep you safe, loved, and healthy. Sweet, right?🥹

The caveat: Sometimes in an effort to do that it leaves you feeling out of control.


  Signs your nervous system is stuck in survival mode:  


You’re not the type of person who likes to slow down so much so that you tend to prioritize tasks on your to-do list over basic necessities like rest, nourishing food, water, sunlight and fresh air, or movement. Things like meditating and journaling sound kind of like torture and even though you’re tired, you’re proud of how much you accomplish. Rest feels so much better when you’ve earned it.


You're busy all the time because you tend to say “yes” to everyone. It feels so good helping out others and being appreciated and you feel really guilty saying no. You thrive off of praise from others, especially because you worry a lot about not doing well enough at your job or saying something stupid during a conversation or whether your outfit looks good or not. You’re really good at knowing how others are feeling, but not super great at expressing how you’re feeling yourself.


You tend to get frustrated with yourself or others quickly. Things like someone cutting you off in traffic or a rude client really bother you and it’s hard to let it go. Sometimes you’re embarrassed by how you overreacted to something that wasn’t that big of a deal.


You feel like you’re lazy. Even though you want to make healthy changes, you feel so tired and stressed by the end of the day the last thing you feel like doing is moving your body and you tend turn to alcohol, comfort food, pills, or you stay up too late watching tv or scrolling on social media. A weekend where you don’t have to be around anyone sounds blissful.

When we work together, there is no bandwagon to fall off or "failing":

"Everything else I have tried only lasted a few months/weeks. I would hop off the “bandwagon” and be back where I started. I know these changes are permanent and I am never going to go back to where I was 6 months ago because that is not the life I want to live. I am much happier and healthier with my life now!" - Katie

"I overcame the mindset that I had tried everything, nothing worked, and nothing will — with Amelia’s help, I have named my inner critic, helped compassionately tame her, learned to partner with my body and mind, and love myself so much better. And I have lost weight, which I never thought would be possible for me at this point in my life." - Sara
Our world has normalized living in survival mode + numbing emotions with alcohol, “comfort” food, pills, and screens. And the hustle culture and diet and fitness industries have drilled the no pain, no gain mindset into you.
The combination of too much stress and unprocessed emotions combined with the pressure that you need to be perfect and if you just tried harder then you could get to where you want is a recipe for exhaustion and burn out.
That’s why the norm is to be sick, overweight, or unhappy.
The norm doesn’t work.
My LBC approach does

Feeling healthy and being successful is supposed to feel GOOD.

The reason you want it is because you think it will make you feel better. Yet if the journey getting to where you want to be is draining pleasure, energy, and fulfillment, that is going to be what your life feels like.

Because there is no permanent “after” when everything is perfect and “all better”. As soon as one dream or goal is achieved, something will change. And ✨that’s what makes life fun and interesting and an incredible adventure ✨  IF you live in a way that focuses on how to make the journey enjoyable instead of delaying it in pursuit of that fleeting, mythical “after”.

My LBC (Life Boosting Change) Approach transforms the way you experience life. It gets you out of survival mode, off the hamster wheel, and on a path that adds pleasure, ENERGY, and fulfillment every step of the way. 

Yes, I am here to support you with your goals (as long as they come from a place of self-love versus self-judgment), but my goal is also to help you to feel better today instead of living in the “things will be better once…” mindset. 

Every day is such a gift.

Are you enjoying the day you get to live today or postponing your health and happiness for a day that’s not guaranteed?

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Hi, I'm Amelia!

I'm a certified integrative change worker, health and life coach, entrepreneur, and recovered burnt out veterinarian passionate about creating a new narrative around what true health and success look like - they should add pleasure, energy, and fulfillment to your life rather than deplete them.

I learned the hard way that when you're "good" and follow all the rules in the game of life, you lose. It turns out the game is rigged and when you follow all the rules that our society teaches us lead to success, you lose - who you are.


Hi, I'm Dr. Amelia!

I'm a certified integrative change worker, health and life coach, entrepreneur, and recovered burnt out veterinarian passionate about creating a new narrative around what true health and success look like - they should add pleasure, energy, and fulfillment to your life rather than deplete them.


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