The Life Boost (LB) Approach

If you're looking for a strict diet plan, calorie counting, and someone who's going to force you to the gym, you've come to wrong place.

I have high standards.

I don’t want you to just lose weight.

I want you to thrive.

I’m going to help you discover what the majority of Americans never get to realize: that sustainable weight loss doesn’t have to mean “always being good”. It can actually be really damn enjoyable (and delicious).

Life Boost with Amelia yoga Maldive

In order to help you achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle that feels good, I use the 3L's and 3B's. 

The 3 L's Are My Priorities for You and Your Life:

You need to love what you're doing, love the way it's making you feel, and to foster a loving and respectful relationship with yourself. 

Reaching the point where you feel amazing and confident in your body should be a really exciting and enjoyable journey. By ditching judgment and embracing curiosity, I'll show you how to work with your body instead of against to create a lifestyle you never want to ditch.  

Everything we do needs to be catered to your lifestyle.

My guess is you're busy and you don't have a lot of extra time. No problem. If we don't customize everything to your lifestyle, how are you supposed to keep it up? 

I want the day we start working together to mark the day you ditch yo-yo dieting for good.

We're not going to rush to lose "X" pounds in a month. I'm going to show you how to work with your body and mind so that you reach the point where you never have to rush to lose "X" pounds again.

The 3 B's Are The Method I Use For Long-Term Results: 


It's impossible to achieve long term results that feel amazing without addressing these roadblocks that are getting in the way.


If your blood sugar is doing crazy things throughout the day, your metabolism, cravings, energy, mood, and so much more are going to suffer. 


Gut health influences your metabolism, digestion, mood, immune system, stress, blood sugar, hormones...your whole body health! You need to learn to listen to your gut to thrive.

Which of the B's are out of balance for you? 

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